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  • I have worked with seema's father in many films,some of them are major hits,not only he is a fantastic choreographer but also a great human I have worked with his daughter seema, and with full pride I can say, I have come a full circle and picture 'GOLMAAL 3' a block buster, she s technically perfect and free, imaginative.
    I am sure,she is going to go places,may the destiny be on her side. my blessings always.

    Mithun Chakraborty

  • Seemaa Rani Pillai Desai ­ Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it. Seemaa, I know has worked hard at it. Like they say ³Hard work spotlights the character of people: some people turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don¹t turn up at all. Seemaa, I know turned up her sleeves. Seemaa puts her heart, mind, intellect and soul in her smallest acts. This is the secret of her success. And importantly she is a true friend because Seemaa always thinks of me as a good egg even though she knows I am slightly cracked J. God bless you and all the best.

    Paritosh Painter,
    Writer, Director, Theatre personality

  • Its always been a great amount of fun to have worked with you. the moment we are said that a certain sequence will be choreographed by seema my face lits up because i know m in good hands. no tension of how i am going to present or choreographed because i know its gona be faaaantastic. and u hav great patience evn if sum actor is irritating u to d core. so seema always wish u all the best in life its been a pleasure to have known u more sucess for u n more work for both of us toghether..muah lots n lots of love

    Munmun (Actress) Mrs. Iyer from tarak mehta ka oolta chasmah

  • Dear Seemaa god bless you your hard working and that's truly in your genes, your enthusiasm n sincerity towards your work really makes u shine bright, lots of love n success for you always

    Divya khosla kumar.

  • I was always delighted to have you as my assistant...a very noble and Humble human being who always worked very sincerely and showed sparks of excellence from the beginning...You have made us proud. I wish a very bright future to this bright young Lady.
    God bless.

    Gufi Paintal.
    Writer Director Lyrics

  • Seema worked with me for the first time on an ad film for the film ALL the best then second time on 'Golmaal 3'. She had to choreograph the disco dancer song featuring Mithun da and Ratna Pathak. I am sure it was challenging for her as she had to reignite the spark of the yesteryears. She very well understood my creativity and marvelously Choreographed it. Seema is extremely talented and I wish her luck for all her future ventures!

    Rohit Shetty

  • Seema Desai is a pleasure to work, Patience, professional and brimming with ideas.. She is a producer's director's choreographer.. The most chilled out and a great human being.. Wish her all the best in life..

    Anjum rizvi
    Bollywood Producer

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"I see my songs as a 3 min film by itself and it should still stay connected to the story of the film until and unless it is a requirement like the end or opening credit or a promotional song. For me dance moments, emotions, costumes and everything has to be in sync. I also choreograph keeping in mind what will appeal the audience when they watch the promotional song and so I focus on the signature steps, I love to experiment with various forms of dance and develop new concepts for every song. It has been an enriching journey so far and with this website, I would like to share my work with you all…"

Thanks to my parents who have also been choreographers. My mother, the late Shrimati Indumati, was a classical exponent and was among the few who incorporated classical, semi classical dance to Bollywood songs successfully.

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